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NULUK Fibroblast was created for those who are conscious about health, who know and are determined to expand their ways to feel and look beautiful.It is our goal to deliver exceptional service for guests and clients of our salon to the highest standards so when you are ready to leave our place you are reinforcing your rights to be gorgeous. We treat everyone equally with superior service and undivided attention. All of our certified staff are using latest technology (PLAMERE) and revolutionary new technique “Avatar” ingredients that will work with each client’s individual needs depending on the skin and complexity of the treatment, creating customized approach to the treatment to minimize downtime. Services are provided in the salon and for your convenience we also do house calls.


Our Story

Nuluk Plasma Fibroblast (NPF) was created out of necessity for a woman to feel and look good. Even though at NF we do not make any preferences between sexes, it is important and worth mentioning that this venture was created by the famous Victoria Rechester.

Victoria was always successful in all of her business enterprises. Being a woman in a very competitive business world dominated mostly by men, she kept her glamorous presence and feminine charm, enjoying herself on her journey, playfully keeping her “Mona Lisa smile”.
Victoria is very open and socially active in the community; one of the things was very clear to her that many were curious and interested to know her secrets to keeping her body and skin in such marvelous shape.

Healthy life style is what Victoria is passionate about, she also understands that beauty is that we are all different and what is adored by one might be only a consideration by another.  
NuLuk Fibroblast’s purpose is to propel people in appreciation of their bodies.
Seeing and feeling this positive transformation in the human body is what drives Victoria to open her “secret formulas” to reinforce & ignite in her client the unwavering knowing of their inner beauty.

Fully certified in the most advanced techniques by PLAMERE and AVARAR is what gives her a competitive edge from her completion. She will recommend the exact treatment you need, no more no less, so you have less down time with better-pronounced results.


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